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Registration of domestic workers

Registration of domestic workers

Integral service for the registration of domestic worker + salary management.

What’s included?

It includes the registration of both the employer and the worker with the Social Security, notification to SEPE and salary management of the first year.


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We handle any process involving registration, termination or modifications to administrative information of domestic workers.

The government is currently implementing measures against job insecurity of domestic workers, with government plans aimed at stepping up controls through labor inspections of domestic employment.

The intention is to apply the recommendations of the International Labor Organization on quality in domestic employment, establishing the regulatory bases to improve the working and living conditions of people who perform this activity.

The lack of enrollment and registration of both the worker and the employer with the Social Security entails an administrative sanction before an inspection. The amount of the sanction will vary depending on the degree of the infraction. And in the case of domestic workers without a residence and work permit, the sanction is considered very serious and can carry criminal consequences.

That is why we provide a comprehensive process and payroll management service.

We offer a comprehensive service, which covers the needs of the worker from the moment of hiring and in the event of any possible contingencies, both non-work related (Temporary Disability, Maternity Benefits) and work related (Occupational Illness and Accidents). The service includes Registration of both the employer and the worker with the Social Security, notification of the contract to SEPE and communication of payrolls for the first year (mandatory).

The cost for this service is a single payment of € 160 plus VAT. Annual renewals after the first year will also consist in a single payment of € 70 plus VAT.

In addition, as a client of Muñoz Zurita Asesoría, you can benefit from legal assistance if necessary, with services costed on an as-needed basis.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company with great professionals to manage the paperwork of your domestic worker in Malaga, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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