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Drawing from over 40,000 income tax returns processed to date, our tax consultants can achieve savings in more than 80% of tax returns.

Income Tax return

Personal Income Tax (IRPF in Spain) is a tax that levies income obtained in a calendar year by natural persons residing in Spain.

Muñoz-Zurita brings the best tax advisors. We have been processing income tax returns for over 45 years, allowing us to remain up to date with all allowances and subsidies and achieving savings in more than 80% of tax returns.

Our professional staff will look for the most beneficial option for you, applying as many deductions as possible to achieve even greater tax savings.

The law undergoes continuous changes and fiscal reforms.  For this reason we always recommend that you seek a good and reliable professional who can advise you so that you do not end up paying more than necessary or make mistakes that may result in subsequent penalties.

Our tax advisors are highly specialized in the preparation and planning of income tax returns, conducting specific tax savings plans and assessments of applicable deductions.

At Muñoz-Zurita we provide coverage in case of inspections by the Tax Agency. Frequently, tax return drafts sent by the Tax Agency leave out deductions they may have not contemplated or that are not included by default. Our tax professionals will review your tax return to verify that all tax information is correct.

If you need us to help you with your tax return, do not hesitate to contact us at no obligation. We are experts in tax returns, with over 40,000 tax returns processed to date. Let yourself be advised by the best professionals in the sector. What are you waiting for? Come meet us!

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