Consultancy and advisory services in Antequera

At Muñoz Zurita we have been working for more than 45 years to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and reassured by our services. And we do this because we are aware that business management is a key area in which clarity, ease and efficiency are the core values of a good consultancy service in any of its forms.

That is why we have specialised in offering personalised and comprehensive advice, becoming pioneers in uniting in a single team of professionals the areas of:

Tax consultancy,
Accounting advice,
Commercial advice,
Employment advice
Legal advice.

Thus, our clients can be sure that their companies are in the hands of a team that knows them to perfection, and whose sole aim is maximum efficiency, for which we have formed a team with the highest qualifications.

Thanks to this, we have also been able to introduce to our services advice on all types of public and private subsidies, creating a portfolio of experts in financial and insurance matters to achieve the business investments that result in the balance that most favours our clients.

What consultancy services in Antequera can you leave in our hands?

In our agency, we have a wide range of services classified in different areas:

Tax, fiscal and accounting advice.

Personal income tax campaigns and returns.

Labour management.

Advice on financing, insurance and subsidies:

Legal and commercial management.

Auditing services.

In addition, we offer you all kinds of functionalities related to:

Possibilities of online consultancy for companies and workers.

Advice on foreigners, nationality procedures and assets abroad.

Possibilities for further training and job offers that match your profile.

Advice in the whole area of inheritance and donation.

Social security management for domestic workers.

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