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Processing of spanish nationality

Processing of Spanish nationality

In Spain, a series of requirements are necessary in order to obtain the nationality of the country.

Many foreigners who have lived in Spain for years consider applying for Spanish nationality. One of the ways to achieve this is through residence, which is accredited by living legally in Spain with a permission or authorization for a certain time.

The general assumption is ten years of legal and continued residence in Spain.

Foreigners with refugee status may gain citizenship with only 5 years of residence.

Nationals with origin in Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or Sephardi Jews, may apply for Spanish nationality at the time of serving two years of legal and continued residence in Spain.

In the case of any of the scenarios mentioned in article 22 of the Civil Code, a residence time of one year will be sufficient to submit the application.

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How to become a national?

  • Nationality by residence: It varies depending on the country of origin or family circumstances. The application must be submitted to the Civil Registry office of the accredited address.
  • Nationality for Spaniards of origin: Spaniards born of Spanish parents are Spaniards of origin. Also those born in Spain when they are children of foreign parents, if at least one of the parents has been born in Spain (children of diplomats are excepted). Those born in Spain of foreign parents, if both lack nationality (stateless persons), or children born in Spain whose parents are of unknown identity.
  • Nationality by option: As is the case of people who are adopted by Spaniards after they have reached legal age.
  • Nationality by kinship: Nationality will be granted or not discretionally by the Government by means of a Royal Decree, after evaluating the concurrence of exceptional circumstances.

To process the nationality the documents must be in force and must be submitted in the corresponding Civil Registry corresponding to the applicant’s address, together with all the documents that must be translated into Spanish.

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Criminal record certificates. Two are needed: that of the country of origin and that of the Spanish authorities.
  3. Census certificate.
  4. Certificate of legal residence in Spain.
  5. Document providing proof that the person has the means to live in order to reside in Spain.
  6. Photocopy of foreigner identification number or residence card.
  7. Photocopy of the passport (all pages).
  8. Diplomas from Cervantes Institute providing successful passing of the constitutional and sociocultural knowledge test (CCSE) and the Spanish language knowledge test (DELE).
  9. In some cases, applicants must provide documentation proving a certain situation, such as being married to a Spaniard.

Our fees for advice and processing of Spanish nationality amount to 550 euros plus VAT.

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