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Tax advisory services

General and specific regulatory information. Specific tax advisory services to private individuals and companies. Continued tax advice to corporate taxpayers and individual entrepreneurs.

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Accounting and audit advisory services

GAP implementation, information, advice and accounting management both general and specific to the company. Training of company accounting department personnel.

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Labor regulations advisory services

Information, advice, management and processing of any documentation before Labor and Social Security Bodies. Permanent advice, consultations, worker registration and departure, drafting of contracts and labor reports, payroll preparation and social insurance.

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Our history


founded in Málaga in 1977.

Muñoz-Zurita Advisory Services provides you with the best professional advice for all your tax, labor, accounting and legal consultations. Our experts’ solid knowledge coupled with their spirit of commitment and extensive advisory services experience allow us to assist you with full confidence both in the simplest tasks in your organization and the most complex operations surrounding business management.

Muñoz-Zurita Advisory Services was founded in the city of Malaga in 1977. Since its inception, its main objective was to offer comprehensive advice to all its clients, being one of the first firms in Andalusia to offer advisory and management services for accounting, tax, business, legal and labor matters.

In time, other services were added to our portfolio, including assessments, financial advice, advice in the field of insurance and advice and management of subsidies and grants for business investments.

We especially value offering quality and personalized advice to our clients based on absolute trust and reliability.

 Our team of professionals’ sound knowledge along with their spirit of commitment coupled with extensive advisory services experience allows us to assist clients with full confidence.

Our services span the most complete range of information, advisory and management services, including among others, tax, accounting, labor and trade, for both private individuals as well as businessmen and freelance professionals, whether they are natural persons or businesses.

Our advisory services include:

  • Fiscal and Tax
  • Labor
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Subsidies and Grants
  • Auditing
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Online Services
  • Advice to workers
  • Migrant workers
  • Assets abroad
  • Continuous Training

Our staff consists of a qualified and experienced team of professionals with ample experience in the business and private advisory services industry.

We have a qualified and experienced team of professionals specialized in the accounting, labor, legal, tax, trade and financial fields.

Our expert group of professionals consists of auditors, lawyers, labor relations graduates and economists.

To offer the most complete range of advisory services, Muñoz-Zurita partners with some of the most important firms in these sectors and with prestigious professionals in the accounting, tax, legal, labor and trade and business fields.