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Accounting advisory services in Málaga

Muñoz - Zurita accounting advisory services

Accounting is not limited to overseeing compliance with the accounting books as required by law. In fact, it also constitutes a fundamental element for the operational control of the company. For this reason, apart from taking care of financial accounting, we also provide you with our specialized knowledge and advise you on the continuous recordkeeping of all transactions and the preparation of assessments. This way, our clients gains access to an extraordinarily useful basis from which to drive decision processes at his company.

Muñoz - Zurita accounting advisory services:

  • Advice, design, planning and organization of business accounting.
  • Assistance and training of accounting staff of client companies.
  • Preparation, formulation and processing of annual accounts to be submitted to the Trade Registry by all companies, based on the documentation provided by the company.
  • Preparation and legalization of official accounting books.
  • Any other accounting management tasks in connection with the legal obligations of the company.

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