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Advice to workers in Málaga

Advice to workers and pensioners


Have you been fired or will you be fired? Has your company entered into a bankruptcy and you don't know what will happen? Have you become a mother and want to know your rights? Has your employer changed your workday schedule, salaries or the location of your job?

In the world of labor law, there are many conflicts that affect workers within the complex realm of labor relations at companies and public and private entities.

If you need an effective defense of your rights in labor and Social Security matters do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals and experts in labor law, who bring extensive training and experience, so they may assist you and offer you the most appropriate solution to your personal problem.

Our team, throughout its already extensive track record in this field, can offer you the best guarantees, and will apply its strongest efforts to arrive at the most advantageous solution within the current legal framework.

Likewise, we offer representation before administrative bodies, labor and social security and commercial courts in all matters of a social and labor nature.

  • Fair dismissal, disciplinary dismissal, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal.
  • Self-Employment Case Processing (Lump-sum benefits payments).
  • Challenging of substantial Modification of the Working Conditions.
  • Challenging of Collective Dismissals (ERE, ERTE).
  • Opt-out from collective agreements (non-application of salary).
  • Collective dismissal negotiations.
  • Challenging of disciplinary sanctions and contradictory case files.
  • Leave.
  • Lawsuits involving holidays.
  • Lawsuits involving damages arising from workplace accidents.
  • Lawsuits involving salary claims.
  • Lawsuits involving Permanent Disability.
  • Lawsuits involving pensions of the public social security system.

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