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International Divorces in Málaga

International Divorces

The field of international Family Law is one of the legal areas we specialize in here at the firm, since we have the high expertise in this matter and the extensive experience of the lawyer Emilia Ramírez Campaña, an expert in international family law.

The increase in international mobility for reasons of work, studies, etc... has led to an increase in the number of couples with different nationalities who decide to start a life together. At the moment when there is a marital crisis or of unmarried couples, but with common children, many questions arise, such as, in which country do we have to get divorced? What will be the applicable divorce law? Where will the children live?...

This is a complex issue, where it is essential to have the experience of lawyers specialized in international divorces who can advise you on the best strategy to follow.

Our priority is to seek legal solutions that respect and ensure family relationships and achieve the greatest benefits for our clients. The satisfactory solution of your case is our main objective.

Our experience resolving legal conflicts within the family sphere allows us to offer an optimal solution to each matter according to the particular circumstances and needs of each client.

Each matter is different, special and very particular, so you will receive all the information and support necessary to complete the entrusted process in the most satisfactory way possible.

From our office we can process the following procedures:

1. Separations and Divorces, by mutual agreement or contentious. Both among Spaniards and foreigners. We are experts in international family law.

2. Notarial Divorce (Divorce before the Notary, as long as the spouses do not have unemancipated minor children. Remember that the intervention of a lawyer is mandatory in this type of file processed before the Notaries).

3. Domestic Partnerships: Custody, Pensions, Visitation Regime...

4. Joint Custody.

5. Modifications of sentencing measures.

6. Executions of Sentences.

7. Drafting of Regulatory Agreements.

8. Paternity Claims and Disputes.

9. Claim for unpaid alimony and compensatory pensions.

10. Liquidations of community property.

11. Family Mediation.

In our office we deeply believe in resolving conflicts by preventing them from going to court. We pursue real solutions and adjust to the needs of the parties in conflict, which is why our team is made up of lawyers-mediators and a psychologist-mediator, our goal being the comprehensive solution of the problem.

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